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Socialite Status is the perfect fit for all my hardcore healthy hair lovers. It’s for those hair enthusiasts who adore healthy hair and make it a priority. It’s for the motivated mavens who strive to get the most out of every opportunity. Being a Socialite is for anyone determined to crush their healthy hair goals.

Being a Socialite comes with tons of perks. Get everything the Free Spirit and the A-listers have plus so much more! As a Socialite, you’ll receive a customized hair care plan, additional automatic alerts, and reminders, exclusive offers only available to Socialites, and regular one-on-one Healthy Hair check-ups with Ronnita B. Huff.

  • Hair Care Education
  • Healthy Hair Tips and Reminders
  • Personal Hair Care Diary
  • Initial Hair Care Consultation
  • Customized Hair Care Plan
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Monthly Hair Care Check-ups
  • Exclusive Socialite Offers

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The A-List

Get on the A-list and enjoy the high life. No matter where you are in the world or who your core stylist is, Ronnita B. Huff is here for your hair. Ronnita is your source for everything healthy hair.

As an A-Lister, you’ll receive the hair care education you need to take better care of your hair. Plus, you’ll get a personal Healthy Hair Diary and tons of inspiration from other Society Members.

On top of all that A-listers also receive specialized Healthy Hair Care information complete with product suggestions, treatment recommendations, and automatic hair care alerts to help you stay on track with your hair care plan and reach your #HairGoals faster.

Perks of being an A-List Member:

  • Hair Care Education
  • Healthy Hair Tips and Suggestions
  • Personal Hair Care Diary
  • Specialized Care Plan
  • Hair Care Alerts

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Free Spirit

Being a Free Spirit in the Healthy Hair Society costs you nothing!

It’s our belief that everyone in the Healthy Hair Society has a God-given right to “good hair”… And good hair starts with good hair care. Become a Free Spirit of the Healthy Hair Society and get the information you need to take better care of your hair.

You’ll gain access to free hair health information to help you along your hair growth journey. Plus, you can track your journey in your Healthy Hair Diary. You’ll also get tons of inspiration from other Society members who are also on a mission to have healthier hair and a healthier lifestyle. So, join the Society, find a friend or two, follow their journey’s, and help each other reach your Healthy Hair Goals.

  • Healthy Hair Society Access
  • Personal Hair Care Diary
  • Hair Education

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