become a socialite

The Perks of being a Socialite:

  • Hair Care Education
  • Additional Healthy Hair Tips
  • Virtual Care Consultation
  • Personal Hair Care Diary¬†
  • The HHS Community
  • Customized Hair Care Plan (created by me during your initial Healthy Hair Consultation)
  • Healthy Hair Text/Email Alerts and Reminders
  • Protective Style Alerts
  • Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Healthy Hair Checklists
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Socialite-Only Group Hair Care Check-ins (Socialite Group Zoom)
  • Regular One-on-One Healthy Hair Checkups


The information you need to reach your hair goals.


Hair care plans to help you achieve better results.


A built in tribe to share information and keep you motivated.

socialite status

care from anywhere

The Socialite Status was designed to help anyone with aggressive hair goals find success no matter where you are in the world.

personal diary

As a Socialite, you’ll receive a customized hair care plan built specifically to address your hair care needs, additional automatic alerts, and reminders, exclusive virtual events only available to Socialites, and regular Healthy Hair check-ups with Ronnita B. Huff.

specialized hair care

As a Socialite, you’ll also receive specialized Healthy Hair Care information complete with product suggestions, treatment recommendations, and accelerated hair care alerts (if needed) to help you stay on track with your hair care plan and reach your #HairGoals faster.