Our Journey Together

We're in This Together.

I am here to help you give your hair the TLC it needs so that it can love you back. But, I don’t do it alone.

I do it with you, within a community, with the resources you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your healthy hair routine.

You will be receiving messages about getting started with the Healthy Hair Community, what to expect, how to get the most of your time in the community and the differences between the three membership levels we offer. So, stay tuned and login daily to get the most out of the HHS.

This is your SL healthy hair journey. Are you ready?

Well, let’s go

Getting the most out of the HHS

So, now that you know why the Healthy Hair Society was created we wanted to be sure you understand how the Society works.

The Healthy Hair Society is a 3-part system built to help you reach your hair goals and achieve healthy hair. The first part is the Healthy Hair Educational Series, designed to equip you with the information you need to take better care of your hair.

The second part is your personal Healthy Hair Diary, designed to help you pay closer attention to your hair and provide you with a place to track your progress.

The third part is the Society, a network of stylists and other HHS members all dedicated to achieving healthy hair; your Healthy Hair Tribe.

Be sure to utilize all three parts to get the most out of your Healthy Hair Society membership.

Welcome from Ronnita B. Huff

Welcome to the Healthy Hair Society! If you’ve been searching for one place to find helpful tips, tricks, routines and product advice on how to get healthy, beautiful looking hair, then you’re in luck. The Healthy Hair Society was created to help you reach your hair goals and keep your hair healthy. 

My name is Ronnita and I am the founder of the Healthy Hair Society. As a Healthy Hair Specialist, I am passionate about helping women meet and exceed their hair goals.

I started the Healthy Hair Society because I was constantly being asked hair care questions by women from all over. I began to realize that most of the issues they faced could have been prevented had they had a little more information, followed a few simple hair care routines or paid more attention to the warning signs before it was too late.

That’s when I knew I had to find a way to reach more women and reach them sooner; before they experienced the heartache of hair damage.

So, I started the Healthy Hair Movement to get women interested in taking better care of their hair, and the movement got so big that it grew into the Healthy Hair Society; a place where women can go to get helpful hair care information and find a whole community of other women who share a common goal (click here to read the whole story of how the HHS got started).

I want to take this time to personally thank you for joining and to welcome you to Society.