Protective Style Tips

Protective Style Tips.

Check out these quick tips to help you keep your hair healthy while wearing protective styles.

Timing is everything

The recommended length of time for a protective style is 6-8 weeks but some women try to save money by keeping their style in longer than the recommended time. 

Save Money

The best way to save money without damaging your hair is to invest in high-quality hair that can be reused a number of times without losing its integrity.

Invest in your hair.

I highly recommend taking some time to find a great brand. Make sure you purchase hair that you can wash and reuse multiple times instead of leaving a style in for an extended period of time. It may take time but, your hair is worth it!

The Easy Way

Over the past several years I have painstakingly tested many virgin hair suppliers until I found one that consistently delivered the quality of hair I feel comfortable wearing.

So, if you’re ready to invest in good hair, but you don’t want to take the time to research and try different brands, I recommend the  SL Virgin Hair Collection; I’ve already done the hard work for you!

Go Now

Check out the SL Virgin Hair Collection.

Choose Your Next Protective Styles

Time to Choose.

So, now that you know what to do once you get your protective style it’s time to actually choose your next style.

Three Styles to Try

Check out the Healthy Hair Society’s  IG page for a little style inspiration.


There are so many variations of the classic Bob that you’re bound to find the perfect Bob to fit your taste. Pick your favorite or try them all one by one (just remember to treat your hair in between each install).


Whether you like your hair long or short adding bangs is a great choice. It adds an element of mystery and turns the sexy all the way up. Plus, it’s a great way to get a full protective style without the extra work and extra cost of a lace front.


The choices in textures and curl patterns available to us are amazing! You can have tight sexy curls, big bold curls, or anything in between. Try matching your natural curl pattern and add some color for a fun switch up that saves your hair from damaging chemicals.

Need more Inspo?

Need more inspiration? 

Check out @Ronnita_B_Huff on Instagram.

Myths About Protective Styles

Myths About Protective Styles.

So, you got a protective style and It’s like you can just “set it and forget about it right”?


We get it!

We all love protective styles because they temporarily free us from our natural hair. For weeks on end, we can forget about gently combing our hair to avoid excess tension, co-washing so that we don't strip our hair of its natural oils, or even wrapping our hair at night to avoid excessive breakage.

Your hair still needs you.

Ladies, please do not forget to care for your natural hair as you wear your protective styles. Your hair is still growing under there and still needs a little TLC.