Protective Styles the Right Way

Proper Protection.

When it comes to protective styles I am always having to remind clients that it can actually do more damage than help if you leave the style in too long. I began to wonder why I have to say that so often, so, I started asking questions.


Can you relate?

Here are a few of the most common answers I got for why people leave their protective styles in well beyond the recommended time:

1. Forgetfulness– They lose track of how long they’ve had their protective style.

2. Time – They can’t find the time to take the style down. They had to sit so long to get their current style that they want to leave it in as long as possible. They want another protective style but can’t find the time.

3. Cost – Protective styles can be pricey so they want to make sure they get their money’s worth before taking it down.


Trust me, I understand the “protective style struggle”. So, I recommend  investing in a high quality wig or sew-in on a cap. 

You make the purchase once and you have a protective style whenever you need one, you can take it off, care for your hair and replace it with minimal effort. Plus, wigs are easy to install and can last for years with proper care